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Reaper Miniatures closes P-65 miniatures line

Reaper, decided, due to the success of their Bones line, to cancel their P-65 metals line of miniatures.

From the announcement:

To our valued customers,

Effective immediately, we are ceasing production of our P-65 Heavy Metal Miniatures line.

The incredible success of our Dark Heaven: Bones miniatures line has given us the opportunity to produce more affordable gaming and hobby options for the miniatures hobby. While P-65 was very successful for us, we have decided not to invest any further into P-65 Heavy Metal products and rather invest those dollars into Bones.

We are currently filling all orders with the existing inventory we have on hand, but we will not be casting any more P-65 products to fill these orders.

As of February 4th we will no longer accept any future P-65 order requests