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Reaper Miniatures Bones 3 Kickstarter Launches

From one big Kickstarter and directly into another. Reaper Miniatures has just launched their campaign for Bones III. This campaign's a pretty short one, only going for 18 days. Watching the ticker go, they're already well over their funding goal. It'd be impractical to say what the number is right now, since it'll change, possibly drastically, by the time I finish this sentence (and looking back at the page, this is very true).

As before, the focus is on bringing old Reaper miniatures into the Bones material line. I've had some experience with the medium, having put together a Khanjira for Ravage Magazine. While I can see why some people may not like it very much, I personally think there's nothing wrong with it. If you want a lot of decently-detailed, extremely cheap miniatures, check Bones out.