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Reaper Miniatures 12th Day of Christmas

Reaper Miniatures posts up the 12th Day of Christmas promotion.

From their site:
Okay, today's the last day of the 12 Days of Reaper, and we've saved the best for last! Today's FREE figure is one of the most elusive Reaper miniatures, the 2004 Reaper Con Sophie by Gael Goumon! You have until midnight tonight to get her, for FREE!!! For all the details, head over to and grab your Sophie now!

Here are more releases:

Dark Heaven Legends
03593: Akar Nakhal, Pharaoh Dragon by Kevin Williams ($39.99)
03595: Mini Monsters (3) by Kevin Williams ($12.29)

14634: Sinisthreax, Darkreach Warlord by Bobby Jackson ($11.79)
14648: Kragmarr Pummeler by Jason Wiebe ($5.99)

50259: Mrrowl, Tigerian Merc by Patrick Keith ($11.19)
50261: Kawa, Sumo Wrestler by Jason Wiebe ($5.99)

60093: Charau-Ka Warriors (3) by Patrick Keith ($9.49)
60098: Khalib, Runelord Apprentice by Patrick Keith ($7.79)
60099: Shalelu (version 2) by Patrick Keith ($6.99)