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Reaper announces new naming and brands

Reaper Miniatures announced the formation of a new company, Hobby-Q, to act as an umbrella company for the various brands and companies that they now have. From their website:
What do you name a company that imports and sells painted museum-grade dinosaur models? How about a company that produces a complete premium line of paints? Or one that imports and sells pre-painted plastic fantasy miniatures, or produces a line of large-scale resin models? That's the question we began asking ourselves several months ago, and we finally have the answer: Hobby-Q. Before you start speculating about where this is all going, I'll just spill the beans and then explain. The corporation Hobby-Q ( was chartered several months ago and replaces Reaper Miniatures, Inc. as our flagship company as of January 1st 2011. Now Reaper Miniatures is one of several brands under the Hobby-Q flag.
Check out their website for full details.