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Reaper Announces Launch Date and Time for Bones III Kickstarter

Reaper's Bones line of minis has made quite a splash with gamers. The first campaign made just shy of $3.5mil. and it seemed like everything Reaper could possibly make into their new material was done. Then came Bones II, and another $3mil. in pledges. It seemed there was always more to release from them. Well, now Bones III will be coming to Kickstarter in just a matter of weeks.

July 7th, at 11am EST, the campaign for Bones III will launch. We'll all be waiting to see how far this campaign goes. Reaper admits they were caught a bit off-guard from the first campaign, a situation they rectified with the second. Personally, I only have one Bones miniature, the Khanjira figure from Bones II. You can see a review I did for it in Issue 20 of Ravage Magazine US. Spoilers: it's a pretty awesome model, especially for the price point.

What new figures will this new campaign bring? We'll all know in just over 4 weeks.