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Realmsound Project 2.0 updates their Kickstarter with free audio

Realmsound is giving away free audio clips to people who share their Kickstarter campaign with others. Check out the update for details.


From the update:

Mike Adams, an OCGG Founder, really wanted a very particular piece of audio for use in our games, the sounds of the ever popular eye-monster (Dungeons and Dragons version of these creatures are called Beholders). We pooled our money and started to source our first ever monsterscape, two, one minute long audio pieces containing the sounds of this monstrous creature, one during a 'passive' state, and one during combat.

Naturally, we all thought that this coming audio should be shared to all of our terrific, loyal, and infinitely adventurous backers and have come up with a deal. Any backer, pledged at any level, which places the below picture of Edwin the Eye-Monster on their Facebook or other social media page and sends us a screenshot of that posting, will get this bonus audio for free, no pledge increase needed.