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Realm of Light Now Available for Ogres & Underworlds

New Realms Publishing has released Realms of Light, bringing Celestial power to your Ogres & Underworlds campaigns. There's new spell cards, a new profession, and new special abilities. Wield the power of light versus your opponents.


From the release:

A realm of Celestial power, of hope, courage and illumination, a Realm of Light!

Realm of Light is here, ready to fill your campaigns with Celestial power and give your characters the abilities to battle warlocks, demons and the undead. Brought to you by New Realms Publishing, Realm of Light is a supplement for Ogres and Underworlds that introduces a new realm of magic and everything that goes with it, including new spell effects, a new profession, new professional special abilities and new spell cards. Develop new abilities and battle the forces of darkness with the Realm of Light!.

Visit the Realm of Light product page at RPGNOW for more information and to purchase a copy today.