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Realm of Darkness now available for Ogres & Underworlds

New Realms Publishing has a new supplement book out for Ogres & Underworlds. This time it's the Realm of Darkness. Inside you'll find rules for using darkness to power your spells (I'm attacking the darkness! ... with darkness!). It's got the Warlock class, as well as new special abilities. And of course, new monsters (because a DM loves having more monsters around).


From the release:

Welcome to Realm of Darkness.

Realm of Darkness is a supplement for Ogres and Underworlds that brings you detailed information on a new realm of magic, the Realm of Darkness. Realm of Darkness includes spell effects for Darkness, a new profession, the warlock, new professional special abilities and new monsters, including the dreaded Demon Worm! As an added bonus, the statistics for the monsters are presented on cards, giving the GM an added game aid. With Realm of Darkness, the GM can introduce new villains and monsters into his adventures, all backed with the power of Darkness.

Realm of Darkness requires the Ogres and Underworlds RPG for complete use.

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