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Realm Fantasy Warfare update on progress

Realm Fantasy Warfare gives us an update on their situation after their IndieGoGo campaign and has a new policy about their online rules.

Scott here from Serious Lemon. Just a quick announcement that our
IndieGoGo campaign ended without reaching it's target (aww) but, we've had
so much feedback during this brief period that we're considering it a
success anyway!
Due to the overwhelming negative feedback and outright confusion over our
site subscription, we have decided to remove it; all of the rules will be
available on the site for free.
The rules themselves are going through a serious re-working with an update
hopefully not to far away.
In the meantime, we have concept art for the other 6 playable races in
Realm up for viewing - head to to have a look.
Just as a heads up, one of them is probably NSFW.