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ReadyCheck Card Game Up Now On Kickstarter

It's almost hard to think about a time when MMO games weren't around. But I do remember when Everquest started up. I "lost" a couple friends to that game, no longer seeing them show up at the LGS. Of course, then came along World of Warcraft. But y'know, I've never actually played an MMO. But they've permeated the gaming culture so much that I don't really have to have played one to know all about them. As such, ReadyCheck would work for me just as much as it'd work for those that have played. What is ReadyCheck? It's a new card game on Kickstarter that's a send-up of what it's like playing MMOs.

In the game, players are in charge of their guild of heroes in an MMO and they are looking to create the biggest, best guild on all the servers. Recruit players from the forums. Give them different classes. Train them to be the best characters they can be! Raid dungeons. Grind for loot. It's all there.

The campaign is up now and is set to run for another 28 days.