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ReadWriteRoll RPG Now Available

ReadWriteRoll is a new tabletop RPG. Well, it's more like a set of rules to help you collectively tell stories with friends. All RPGs are basically that, but ReadWriteRoll is a lot more slimmed down in terms of rules, which lets the storytelling really come to the forefront. So if you're looking for a way to help guide collective storytelling, it might just be the book for you.

ReadWriteRoll Cover

The rules for the system are very simple. Just roll a D20 and add up modifiers. If you roll high, then you succeed. If you roll low, you fail. Also, it matters if you rolled even or odd. Even means you get to narrate what happens to you. Odd and the GM, or your opponent, gets to describe it. You can modify things further by rolling d2-d12 along with it, adding extra emphasis to the action (but at the risk of having things still fall a bit flat if you roll low with them).