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Ravage USA #8 available now

Ravage Magazine has issue #8 available now for your reading pleasure.

In this issue:

Ravage US #8 is a truly great collection of never-before-seen information and game enhancing resources. Inside its glossy pages we find beautiful art and helpful articles galore; a collection of brand new game articles and hobby-based how to’s that will help make readers better artists as well as gamers. This issue’s pages strain the covers with the pictorial review of the Crystal Brush 2013 Finals, 4 Ravage Exclusive survivors for Zombicide, new scenarios from Warpath and X-Wing; the continuation of the special Light’s Out Campaign for Sedition Wars; a great article about how to sculpt by professional sculptor Tom Mason, and reviews of new games and products headed to stores – including the assorted greatness of new products for Super Dungeon Explore!