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Ravage US Issue 17 Digital Release Available

Ravage US has the digital release of Issue 17 now available for your downloading and reading pleasure. This issue brings you a look at some new games that are on their way to you. The first is the new Conan board game from Monolith. We talk with Jamie Parsons, who's been part of the project since almost the very first. Next we take a look inside Rum & Bones, the MOBA-inspired board game from CMON that's currently up on Kickstarter. There's also a pair of painting guides for two of the new Archangel minis for Dark Age. I have a review of Mars Attacks from Mantic in there, too. So go snag yourself a digital copy.


From the announcement:

Ahoy, Ravage readers! The digital edition of Issue #17 has been published online, and what an action packed issue it is. Beyond the striking cover, you’ll find so many exciting previews, reviews, and guides, you might have to read it twice to take it all in. Readers get an amazing preview of Monolith’s new Conan board game, bound to excite casual and die hard fans of the iconic barbarian. You’ll also get an early look at CMON’s newest game, Rum & Bones, that brings the MOBA video game genre to the table. We also got the chance to sit down with Justin Gary, the man behind the popular Ascension deck building game. As always, the wonderful General Consensus feature is here, along with game reviews, a BGGCon report, painting guides, and so much more. So hoist the sails, sit back, and sail off into this issue of Ravage.

For those of you with an electronic subscription, you will be able to download it now. Or you can buy single issues from Amazon or iTunes.