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Ravage Magazine US Issue 18 Digital Version Now Available

Ravage Magazine US now has the digital version of Issue 18 available for your downloading and reading pleasure. In this issue we've got an interview with the CEO of Calliope Games about the upcoming Titan Series. There's a guide on how to paint faces from Jen Haley. We've got reviews of the latest sets for Zombicide. And the cover article is all about the new Conan board game from Monolith.
All that and more. Check it out.


From the announcement:

Vas heill Ravage readers! Welcome to the Viking fueled Issue #18 of Ravage Magazine US. Adrian Smith’s striking art once again graces our cover for the new board game Blood Rage from designer Eric Lang, Studio McVey, and CMON. Inside the magazine, those behind the game take you on a multi-faceted look of its development. We got a chance to sit down with Calliope Games’ president, Ray Wehrs, to discuss the upcoming Titans Series, featuring titans of the game design world making their own, unique gateway games. Also, you’ll get a preview of Warlord’s new sci-fi game Beyond the Gates of Anteres, based on the rules of Bolt Action. For painting enthusiasts, a tutorial by Jen Haley gives you tips on painting miniature faces. Wargamer Girl’s General Consensus is present, along with reviews for Secret Weapon’s Tablescapes, Robotech RPG Tactics, Heroes Wanted, and more. Enjoy!

For those of you with an electronic subscription, you will be able to download it now. Or you can buy single issues from Amazon or iTunes.

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