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Ravage Magazine Issue #4 coming the second week of October

Ravage Magazine has issue #4 of their magazine coming out the second week of October. Don't forget to pick yourself up a copy.
Yes, I did write some of it and it does make me extra-excited to post about it coming out. So sue me. :p

In this issue:

Ravage US #4 contains a host of articles that combine to form a gorgeous volume of useful and entertaining information. This issue contains interviews with several game designers from the floor of GenCon, a great instruction on how to befoul a portion of a model using common paint techniques, reviews of new games and products headed to stores, and the first of many content-based articles for Zombicide, a review of Cipher Studio’s horrific and fantastic Hell Dorado, and a good look at the new and improved Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition.