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Ravage Magazine Issue 19 Available Digitally

Ravage Magazine US has published the digital version of issue 19 up online for your downloading and reading pleasure. As always, we've worked hard to bring you some awesome content. Inside this issue we have things like an interview with Matt Leacock about how he designs games and a lot of info about the Thunderbirds board game. There's also an interview with Alessio Cavatore about his upcoming Terminator: Genisys game. There's a pair of exclusive scenarios (one for Wrath of Kings, one for Zombicide). There's another great painting tutorial from Mikael Astrom. All that, plus more. Go get yourself a copy.

From the synopsis:

Welcome to Ravage Magazine US #19, soldiers! Your mission, if you choose to open the pages of this magazine (and you really should), is infiltrate the Firestorm Zero preview to learn about this new cooperative game which pits specialized soldiers against unnatural horrors on the battlefield. Along the way, you’ll learn about other upcoming games like Thunderbirds, DreadBall Xteme, and B-Sieged. You’ll also uncover review intel for Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Super Motherload, and Secret Weapons Miniatures’ Masterclass Scenics: Mud and Water Kit. Once the mission is said and done, you’ll come back a better painter thanks to the miniature painting tutorial by Mikael Astrom. It sounds like a lot, but I’m sure you’ll find success! Now get out there, read, and enjoy!