Ravage Magazine #15 available to download

Ravage Magazine is now available for digital download.
We’ve sent the files off to the printer, but the electronic version is available now via Amazon and iTunes.

Ravage 15


From the announcement:

Blessings be on you, Ravage readers! Issue 15 is here and we can all rejoice! Inside, you’ll find plenty to get you into a fervor. We’ve got quite a preview of Dark Age’s next expansion, Fanaticism, including both a bit of fluff and some profile previews. We’re also honored, as gaming industry legend, Peter Adkison, sits down and talks with us about his life in an industry you could very easily say he helped create and continues to influence. For you hobbyists, we’ve got 3 painting guides, including for Twisted, the new steampunk miniatures game. Of course, we’ve got both Zombicide and Infinity scenarios to keep you on your toes at the gaming table. So gather forth, Ravage congregation. Let us all bow our heads and read.