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Ravage Issue #10 now available

Ravage Magazine now has issue 10 available for your reading pleasure.
And I think it's a pretty good issue, if I do say so myself.
I mean... I wrote a decent portion of it, after all.


In this issue:

Ravage US #10 was a pleasure to fill with interesting articles and brand new materials. Inside these glossy pages we have added a number of articles filled with striking images and helpful information from an assortment of new gaming resources and hobby enthusiasts joining our growing collection of supporters. This issue fills up its pages with all sorts of never-before-seen gaming resources; a Ravage-only epilogue scenario to the special Light’s Out Campaign for Sedition Wars, a beautiful review of the amazing new two-player starter set for Dropzone Commander, a closer look at the brand new rules for Dark Age, and some looks at the happenings over at Tabletop Gaming News! All of that combined with our regular Ravage exclusive looks at some things to come in the gaming community... and we are happy to share it all!