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Ravage #12 ships to Printer

Ravage Magazine issue #12 has been shipped off to the printer.
The magazine has a 100% redesigned and updated look and layout. With this issue, the magazine really comes into its own, no longer just taking the format given to us, but instead being its own entity. It was a long trip to get things to look the way we wanted, but our layout artist is the best and she did wonders with the issue.


From us to you:

This is a fun new issue that will strike you right in the eyeballs! We have been playing around with some new layout ideas and formats to make the most of the art assets that companies send to us, and dazzle our readers in new and interesting ways!

In this issue you will find:
- A great new Kaos Ball narrative to get people psyched up for the game's release just around the corner
- An in depth look at Dark Age's newest alien threat: the Fire Caste Dragyri
- Some great terrain how to articles aimed at sci-fi games
- A chunk of Wrath of Kings fiction to wet your appetites for that game to hit shelves, too!
- Much, much more!

So, get your preorders in as soon as you can, and get your local stores to start carrying Ravage Magazine US!