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Rather Dashing Games Announces This Belongs In A Museum Tile-Laying Game

Those that do not learn history are bound to repeat it. That's why museums are so important. They help us connect with the past through the artifacts that they house. And the archeologist that is able to secure great artifacts can have their names go down in history as well. That's what you'll be trying to do in This Belongs in a Museum.

In This Belongs in a Museum, players compete to become the most revered archeologist in the world. Traverse seas and mountains, and use airports to connect dig sites to your base camp. Collect valuable artifacts and outwit your rival colleagues in this new addition to the Drawn & Quartered line of easy-to-learn, strategic tile-laying games.

Archeologists take turns placing base camp, dig site, and terrain tiles to connect and build their respective domains. Move your archeologist around the game space to collect artifacts for added victory points. But watch out for the mummies that can be placed in your path and break up your carefully connected sections!

You can expect it on store shelves on April 5th.