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Ratgard releases The Ratshilovitz Tractor

Ratgard gives you some pulling power with the release of their Ratshilovitz tractor model.



From the release:
Ratshilovitz is a mid-sized tractor, derived from the Remodulelizable All Terrain vehicle (RAT). It has a low-powered version of the Cargo-R.A.T Heavy Carrier engine. The tractor is quite powerful and has excellent off-road capacity, and can utilize a variety of fuels of different qualities. In peace times it can serve as an agricultural or construction vehicle. In war times it can serve as an artillery tractor in the Imperial Guard.

This complete kit include a set of Ratshilovitz Tractor. Total 42pcs resin kits.
This set is 48$, shipping to the worldwide, if have any question you can contact me with

The Rule:
Ratshilovitz Tractor
BS 2 Armour Front 9 Side 9 Rear 9 HP 2
Unit Composition: 1 Ratshilovitz Tractor
Unit Type: Vehicle?Open-topped?
Special Rules:

Towing Tractor(If Ratshilovitz Tractor contacts a friendly model of the Artillery type in the begins of Shooting phase, and both Artillery or crews drop the shooting, then the Ratshilovitz Tractor, Artillery and the crews can move 6inches. At the end of move, Ratshilovitz Tractor must take contact with the Artillery.)
Conscripts vehicle(This unit never count as scoring unit, and never give Victory Points)
Wargear: Searchlight
Options: Dozer blade(5pts) Recovery gear(5pts) Camo netting(15pts) Enclosed crew compartment(15pts)
Organization: For each Artillery type model in your army (even not humen`s), you can choice one Ratshilovitz Tractor as a dedicated transport.