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Random Solo Adventure: Post Apocalypse Now Available

Well, the world has ended again. Damnit, Carl! You shoudln't've been messing around with that panel during the military base visit we were on! Now, you'd think that living in a post-apocalyptic world would already be pretty rough as it is. But then, the Death Skull Gang came to your little village and... well... killed everyone. Now, you find yourself without food, weapons, or much in the way of shelter. You're gonna have to head out into the wasteland to try and survive. That's the story behind Random Solo Adventure: Post Apocalypse, which is available now.

The book, as you'd expect, is designed to take a gaming group of 1 through an adventure in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You just need a pad of paper, a pencil/pen, and a couple of dice. The game will be different each time you play, depending on the choices you make as well as how the dice roll.