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Random Solo Adventure: Ghost Manor Available For Free

PenguinComics knows some people might be curious about their Solo Adventure books, but might not want to initially spend money on one. It's ok. In this day and age, you've gotta be careful with your money. Well, they're helping you out and giving you a taste of what you can expect in their books by giving away their Ghost Manor book for free online. Well, it's actually "pay what you want" but even their recommended price is $0. But you can give them a couple if you want to.

As one would expect from a book titled Ghost Manor, the premise is simple: would you spend a night in a haunted house? You don't even need a green shirt and brown pants, or ascot, or orange sweater (though if you were wearing those, I'm sure it would enhance the experience). You can check out this quick (35-page) mini-adventure now.