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Random Encounters RPG Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Sometimes you want to RP but you don't have a DM around in order to run the campaign. Well, that's annoying. What happens if you also don't want to set up a big game board and all the extra tokens and such that goes with it? That could bring your gaming night to a halt right there. But that's where Random Encounters comes in. It's an RPG in a card game.

In Random Encounters, you and your other party members are trying to make it through the deck of encounters. No DM required. And if someone shows up partway through or suddenly has to leave, you don't have to "Mark them" (a term used by my game group taken from The Gamers movie). Players can jump in and out pretty much at will. With a rather large collection of encounter cards, loot, and various dungeon bosses, no two games will ever be the same.

The game is about 3/4 funded over on Kickstarter with still 10 days to go to make up that last bit.