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Ramshackle Games Releases Minis Gangs Rules Sets

Minis games can be intimidating for a new player, either new to the system or new to minis games entirely. Well, Ramshackle Games is looking to fix that and make entry into their new game, Minis Gangs, as easy as possible. The game comes in three tiers of difficulty and complexity. It goes all the way from a quick and easy-to-digest game all the way to a fully fleshed-out campaign system. You can get the different versions, as well as some gangs to fight with, over on Ramshackle's website now.

From the announcement:

Ramshackle Games has recently released Mini Gangs. MIni Gangs is a game aimed at making gaming easy! its a cut down and quick rules system for playing skirmish games with. Its split into three different levels, each aiming at a different play level. Mini Gangs Gateway is the core rules and is suitable for beginners to tabletop gaming. Mini Gangs Casual is for quick games down the pub or at a club. Mini Gangs Hardcore is a more solid and open campaign system that allows players to put on easy games.

Please visit the Rmashackle Games homepage for three articles about each of the different types of Mini Gangs games.