Ramshackle Games posts up photos of Iron Brothers units, heavy weapons teams, artillery crews and APC

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 1st, 2013

Ramshackle Games has posted up photos of the squads, heavy weapons teams, artillery pieces and APC for their Iron Brothers Kickstarter campaign, which has made more than 10x their goal and is in their final couple days.

From the update:

I have just posted up images of the figures for the Ramshackle Games “Iron Borthers” Kickstarter campaign.

The one standing up straight measures 29 mm to the top of the crest on his helmet, so they are true 28mm figures. The models are shown with the “Iron Brother” heads.

Please note that the image contains a scale shot with a Games Workshop Cadian Imperial Guard. This image is for scale purpose only and is used without authorisation from Games Workshop Ltd.

The models come as three parts: body, head and gun with hands attached.

The penultimate row shows the Weapons Specialists, left to right Plasma Blaster, Flame Thrower and Thermal Gun. It also shows an unfinished “work in production” image of the Squad Leader. He will have a choice of two guns.

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  • Some of those models are far too static

  • Ghost

    These are actually closer to 25mm.
    Scale in mm is measured from sole of foot to eye level – so if these figures are 29mm measured from the bottom of their base (ie table surface) to the top of their helmet crest they are too small to qualify as ‘true’ 28mm scale.

    Whilst the Cadian included to indicate compatibility seems to fit closer inspection reveals a suspicious lack of base on the GW figure. Once this has been added it is clear these Iron Brothers are noticeably smaller (or at least squatter) than their GW cousins.

    • Dude – you can see the shadow from the ruler quite clearly so it’s from the sole of their feet to the top of the helmet as it’s not sitting flush on the surface, but held in the air to compensate for the base. They are pretty much what 28mm should be without scale creep.

      • Ghool

        Even so, I’d say they look closer to 25mm to me.

  • Games Workshop Cadian Imperial Guard models are 28mm to the top of their heads.

  • Acharnement

    Overall I really like the look but as Nemesis pointed out- static poses. The two in the middle standing straight, on guard, I suppose. are not suitable for WARgaming. Display models perhaps.
    Please, Ramshackle, give us action poses: advancing or shooting!

  • I am happy to supply whichever poses you choose.

  • Haibane

    Both the handheld and wheeled heavy weapons look waaaay too big to me. Bit of a shame since the crews on the wheeled heavy weapons are some of the better sculpts. APC looks alright, especially if you swapped out the bull-bars for a dozer blade I think.