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Ral Partha's Chaos Wars Dwarf, Undead, Troglodyte Miniatures Up on Kickstarter

Ral Partha has been around, making miniatures for... well... just about as long as people have been around making miniatures, really. They have miniatures older than most of the people reading this page. Well, Iron Wind Metals has a Kickstarter campaign going to bring back some of those classic sculpts, as well as bring you a bunch of new ones, along with a set of fantasy miniatures gaming rules.

The re-releases include sculpts by artists such as Tom Meier and Julie Guthrie. But there's also a bunch of new figures, including dwarf bear cavalry, skeletal centaurs, and mummies. The campaign is being run a bit differently than many. There's really just the $5 pledge that gets you the new Vampire Queen mini. After that, it's all about the add-ons. There's over 200, in fact. So you pledge for the campaign and then just add on anything and everything you could want. There's something for just about everyone there to be found.

And it's going over well, as the campaign is closing in on 3x funded with still 20 days to go.