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Ral Partha Europe has more Goblins for Demonworld 15mm

Ral Partha has released new goblins for Demonworld. And they're on bugs.

From the update:

Following on from our previous batch of releases for Dwarves we have some miniatures for another
vertically challenged race- the Goblins! As you can see from the list there is something of an
insectoid flavour to this batch. The giant creepy crawlies are all available separately and could be used
with 28mm miniatures just as well as 15mm, they could also see service in fantasy games or science fiction.

4708 Desert Stalkers (40) £16.00
4708 Desert Stalkers (10) £4.50
4715 Uncroid -Scorpion Rider £7.00
4715A Giant Scorpion £6.50
4716 Grancroid -(Giant Scorpion w/crew) £10.00
4716A Massive Scorpion £9.00
4717 Monocoloid -Giant Beetle (w/crew) £12.00
4717A Gigantic Beetle £11.00
4718 Stomaid -Giant Dung Beetle (w/herders) £12.00
4718A Giant Dung Beetle £11.00
4722 Macrothele -Giant Spider (w/crew) £12.00
4722A Giant Black Widow Spider £11.00

We are also delighted to announce the release of our new format Demonworld Rulebook and supplements.
These are the second edition rules, reprinted in a handy new 16 x 23.5cm trade paperback size.
They have a colour cover with black and white contents-
(a colour pdf of the counters, templates etc. will be made available for free download soon).

Demonworld Rulebook £18.95
Demonworld Armies- Orcs £12.95
Demonworld Armies- Empire £12.95
Demonworld Armies- Isthak £12.95

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