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Raks Geek To Perform During Gen Con

And once more it's time to let you know about something a little different in terms of entertainment that'll be happening next week in Indy. This time around it's Raks Geek. You may have seen a video of one of their performances. It involved a wookie doing a bellydance to a tune being played by Klingons. Because why the hell not?

These aren't just some cosplayers that thought they could dance. No. Raks Geek is a group of professionals who have performed all over the world, from Spain to Argentina. Their members have won awards from all over. They perform hundreds of shows every year and have been featured on MSN, The Daily Mail, and UK Channel 4.

"One of the things that Raks Geek does best is present dance at a high technical skill level, but in a setting that's fun," says founder and director Dawn Xiana Moon. "It's incredibly audience-friendly, but it's also a show by geeks, for geeks. It’s the perfect show for anyone who enjoys comics, science fiction, or video games.”

Raks Geek's show will be held Friday starting at 9pm in the Westin Grand Ballroom. It's an all-ages show, so bring the family.