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Raiden release update

Raiden Miniatures have posted an extensive update on their upcoming releases, delays in order processing as well as a partnership with I-94 Enterprises. From their website:
Raiden Miniatures as most of you are aware is a part time hobby business mostly just run by Mark who also has full time day job which actually pays the bills.  Due to the rather extensive range we now do and our popularity (sales doubled last year) it's been getting rather difficult to cope so we've had to make some hard decisions. However, it's not all bad and we can start with the following announcement 'We are pleased to advise that we have come to a Licensing agreement with I-94 Enterprises and they will begin to start producing our aircraft over the next couple of months'  This will give our US customers a much quicker way of getting our aircraft and reduce our workload here.  While we still will accept orders from the States we do suggest you order your aircraft fix from I-94 when they are up and running.  Especially as due to new US Homeland Security regulations of having all parcels hand searched that weigh over 500g, that can all 3-4 weeks to the standard delivery time.
Check out their website for the full announcement.