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Raid & Trade: War on the Streets Up On Kickstarter

Mage Company has taken to Kickstarter once more with a new campaign. This time around it's the War on the Streets expansion for Raid & Trade. As the rebuilding of society goes on, new gangs are going to get in the way of your heroes. However, there's new heroes to take on this gang. Plus, now you can work together.

This expansion gives players more ways to play with new scenarios, including cooperative modes. So if you're a fan of those types of games, you'll want to check this out. There's also four new characters with upgraded skills. Finally, there's 9 new Suburban Tiles to expand your game board. They include new elements like toxic waste areas, guarded areas, and underground tunnels.

This is a quick campaign, with only 13 days left. They are, however, already over their funding goal.