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Raid on secret Factory delays V2 production

Urban Construct have a new terrain piece available:

From their announcement:

Following the raid on the Third Reich's secret rocket development factory at Peenemunde, the production of V2 rockets was delayed by 3 months.

As with our other modular buildings the 25/28mm scale factory can be laid out as large as you like. The size can be expanded by adding more models to increase the number of modules. The standard size is four modules comprising 8 resin walls, 4 roof models, 1 door, 1 column, 1 floor, 1 set of flues, 1 set of corners. As with all our walls they are self supporting. See our other buildings and products at

The factory can be used for other purposes. As a warehouse or for the production of tank engines, generator sets, V1s, Mensche Machine,alternative technology, forging £20 notes, bootlegging or as a hide out.

The V2 rocket is shown in its production phase with separate tail section (hollow to accommodate engine), rocket motor with fuel pump, oxygen tank section, alcohol tank section and nose section containing the gyros, controls and warhead. It also comes with a launch pad. The V2 can be used as an objective marker eg the race for German technology at the end of the WWII.

Urban Construct will be at Crisis, Antwerp Nov 5th and Warfare, Caversham 19th & 20th Nov. Hope to see you there.