Ragnarok 56 and 57 PDF at Wargame Vault

PDF versions of issue 56 and 57 of Ragnarok are now available at Wargame Vault.

From their announcement:

The PDF edition of Ragnarok 57, the journal of Fantasy & Science Fiction Wargaming is now available through Wargame Vault.

This issue contains:

  • Iron Fist – spaceship combat rules
  • Stinkrot’s Big Job – a Flintloque Reloaded scenario
  • The Further Adventures of Stinkrot’s – a Flintloque Reloaded scenario
  • Stop! Police! Silurian! – an introduction to the Doctor Who Miniatures Game
  • Everything I Do, I Do It For You – a Space Vixens From Mars scenario
  • Shiploque for 3rd Edition – nautical rules update for Flintloque
  • Live Longer To Slag! – new ships for Slag! 1.1
  • The Last Stand – SF scenario from Dark Realm Miniatures
  • The Rules of War – Incursion reviewed.
  • Melting Pot – reviews of Wargames Supply Dump, Reaper Miniatures and Brigade Models releases.

The PDF of issue 56 (which I forgot to upload when it came out!) is also now available and contains:

  • Subloque – submarines in Flintloque
  • Fantasy Air Wargaming – an overview
  • If Rome Had Not Fallen – an alternate history
  • Allies and Mercenaries – in WH40K
  • Tighten The Line – SF scenario from Dark Realm Miniatures
  • Episode 25B – more Space Vixens From Mars
  • Space Hrud – man versus rat in desperate battle in Space Hulk
  • Melting Pot – reviews of Tobsen 77, Green Forest Trading Company, Pegasus Hobbies, Brigade Models and Frozen Planet Studio Castings releases.
  • The Rules of War – Space Hulk III reviewed