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Raging Through Stretch Goals

Guillotine Games launched just shy of 24 hours ago and they've certainly taken no time to get through some stretch goals. There's been several new monsters added, some sculpted tokens, and each clan also has a new sculpt added to their lineup for warriors.
The campaign isn't running for a very long time. It's just until March 17. So if you want in, you'd better hurry.

From the campaign:

Hail Brothers and Sisters!

We are really tearing through Stretch Goals like they were so many helpless villagers! Now all backers will get the exclusive sculpted Saga token.

The next Stretch Goal will be a beacon for Ragnarök:If we reach 210k, all backers will get a Kickstarter Exclusive sculpted Doom token. This is used to mark the province that will be destroyed next by Ragnarök, something that bloodthirsty Vikings can forget in the heat of battle. Designed by Adrian Smith, this token depicts the Triple Horn of Odin.