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Raging Heroes welcomes feedback before finalizing the Mantis

Raging Heroes knows the people know what they want and so they're listening to you in order to give you the product you'll enjoy the most.

From them to you:

We are almost done with our new Mantis unit.
These 10 different warriors are planned with interchangeable ball joint heads and right arms to provide over a 1000 possible permutations… and this is not even taking into account the fact that arms and heads can be rotated in many different ways.

A Command Group Accessories Kit will also be available, consisting of a banner, a champion head and a musician arm which can all be used on any of the Mantis bodies to give you even more customization.

We are still in the process of determining if we are going to make these in resin or metal.

Please do share your thoughts with us on the Mantis.