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Raging Heroes unveils third Asharah sci-fi variant

Asharah sci-fi variantRaging Heroes have posted a preview of their third sci-fi Asharah variant figure. From their announcement:
And finally, here is the third variant of Asharah SF. This Asharah SF will be in 28mm scale, just like Fantasy Asharah. As we told you in previous posts, we were debating selling the Asharah SF variants separately, but your feedback has been overwhelmingly for us to include everything in a single kit, just like for the Fantasy edition of Asharah. So we are concurrently working towards that end. And because of that, we are able to include this new head to the kit, bringing the total possible versions of Asharah SF to three. Again, if you want to pre-order/order this mini, just add your name to our newsletter and we'll let you know when pre-orders begin. The availability is still planned for mid-August.