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Raging Heroes' Toughest Girls of the Galaxy miniatures available now

Raging Heroes has released their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy line of models to the public. Their Kickstarter campaign ended a while ago, and it's been quite a trek to get various parts of it sculpted, molded, and sent (and they're not entirely done yet, but they're getting there) to backers. They're far enough along and have enough minis now in stock to be able to have them up for general purchase over on their website. That website's brand new, too, by the way.
So go check it out and pick up some of the first Toughest Girls of the Galaxy.


From the release:

Just in time for the Holiday Season, the first of the much anticipated TGG figurines (from the highly successful Raging Heroes' Kickstarter) are finally available.

Today we're introducing you to a few members of the Jailbirds Family: One-shot Blondie, Yoko The Psycho, Mad-Nurse Bernadette and their mascot Harry The Hippo! These are the first 3 heroines of this army released in our webstore.

And there's even more good news: a brand new website to welcome the TGG. See you there, and stay tuned for other releases!