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Raging Heroes taking pre-orders for Legendary Gluttony

Raging Heroes is now taking pre-orders for their Legendary Gluttony figure, both in Fantasy and Sci-Fi varieties.

From the announcement:

The Legendary version of Gluttony is finally ready to pre-order.

The first 25 orders (Science-Fiction or Fantasy) will get our Special Launch Deal, so act now!

This miniature is an enormous mass of horror and destruction, cast in high-quality resin, and available in 2 versions, Sci-Fi or Fantasy.
Total height is 100mm (10cm), with over 65mm from floor to eyes, and a wingspan of about 100mm (10cm). (Follow the links for more images).

We know that many of you waited a long time for this mini. Among other things, we had to overcome quite a few challenges to finally get a reliable, high-quality resin provider. If you've already purchased our Cyberwolves (Pack and Leader) or our Orc Warmaster Gormakk (Sci-Fi or Fantasy), you are already familiar with his work.

Let us know what you think, and do tell how you intend to use Legendary Gluttony!