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Raging Heroes: Special Launch Deal on 2 versions of Brunhilde on War Steed pre-orders

Raging Heroes is taking names of those that want their upcoming Brunhilde model as soon as it's available and they're running a special deal if you want both versions.

From the announcement:

We've just opened pre-orders on

1. Brunhilde with Great Banner mounted on a War Steed (with additional high-ranking Female Knight head option)
2. Brunhilde with Shield mounted on a War Steed (with additional Helmeted Head option).

You can get each separately, but we've also sweetened the deal if you get both together.
And there's another deal as well if you want all 3 versions (includes the foot(wo)man version).

And for the first 50 orders, the pre-order prices are even lower than usual!
Just follow the links for more info.