Raging Heroes remove Lamassu

By tgn_admin
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May 19th, 2011

Raging Heroes are no longer selling their Lamassu head after a complaint from Games Workshop.

From their announcement:

It is with our deepest regret that we have to announce that the Lamassu head is no more part of our Manticore kit We recently received an email from a Games Workshop attorney claiming that our Lamassu head was too similar to their Chaos Dwarves’ Lamasu and asking us to stop selling this head.

At this point in time we don’t have the time to further investigate this mater and so we’ve decided to currently withdraw the Lamassu head from sale, either online or in shop. We are sorry if you were planning to get one. So please note that at this point in time there is no more Lamassu head available with our Manticore kit.

  • odinsgrandson

    I feel just a little sad every time I see a case of Games Workshop’s legal bullying. They probably have no legal leg to stand on, but I doubt that Raging Heroes is a large enough company to withstand a costly court battle.

    The head looked nice too.

  • PhoenixKebab

    Anyone got a link to the GW product page for their Lamassu? A search on the GW main site and Forgeworld for “Lamassu” or “Lamasu” returned no results.

    • Zac

      I don’t think they sell the old metal kit they used to have in the Chaos Dwrf range

  • rhodry

    The Lamassu has been OOP since they axed the chaos Dwarf’s. On another note FW has some new chaos Dwarf stuff stuff on there site

  • -DE-

    This is beyond ridiculous! Can anyone explain to me how in the world could GW have acquired exclusive rights to what is the image of a mythological figure from ancient Mesopotamia? What’s next? Prohibiting other manufacturers to sell Manticore figures after they release theirs later this year on the grounds that their designs are too similar to GW’s? I could understand the Chapterhouse incident, but this is a new low for GW… You can’t even imagine how angry this has made me.

    • puck

      Well, ‘Raging heroes’ could simply change the name from Lamassu to Shedu, and so it’s the mythical figure from Mesopotamia (you can see it on the walls of the Halicarnass’ Mausoleum). Some middle – east gouvernment may see this excessiv use of the mythology of old Persia with interest !

  • No wonder they need to raise prices – they need to pay for all of the lawyer fees…

  • Haibane

    Cmon guys, we all know that the only reason there’s any demand for that Lamassu is down to GW. It’s very easy to decry the big multinational for bullying the innocent little guy, but the fact of the matter is that GW spent decades in development and promotion of its figures, building its way up to become that big multinational it now is – these smaller business are grabbing an easy slice of that pie where they can without the need to do all the hard work creating their own customer base, or even developing anything new or interesting in their product lines. All very well, but this particular figure is going to impact directly on sales of the Forgeworld Lamassu when it is released – hardly suprising GW are going to stamp down on it.

    • Zac

      Which all might be true but I am not certain how they would prosecute this. I don’t think you have any copyright protection for things that look like your old work.

    • Sure, GW could easily argue that their product is the likely source of most of the demand that might motivate people to buy a miniature of a Lamassu. But that doesn’t give them exclusive right to the concept.

      You don’t see GW lawyers sending such demands to Reaper telling them to stop making dragons.

      This is a case of a Big company pushing its weight against a little company. GW knows that if Raging Heroes wants to continue they can bring them to court, and while GW might not win, they can make it so expensive in time & money that Raging Heroes can not afford to fight it.

      It is a sad fact of the reality of our legal system. Might not equal right, but without it, you can’t afford to prove you are right.

      • Zac

        Sure, GW could easily argue that their product is the likely source of most of the demand that might motivate people to buy a miniature of a Lamassu.

        They could argue anything they want. None of what you mentioned is anything that would be solely actionable in court.

        • True. That’s a lot of my point.

          It’s enough argument that it won’t be thrown out of court immediately, but it is questionable enough that Raging Heroes must be wondering how much time & money it is going to take to defend themselves and have a ruling in their favor- and by that time its become cost prohibitive for Raging Heroes to do it.

          It doesn’t need to be actionable, GW doesn’t need to be in the right- just the threat of taking a small company to court is enough for them to win in the harsh realities of the situation.

    • Weesparky

      Yeah, it is completely inconceivable that I may have wanted to include giant beasts in my historical Old Glory Persians for Armies of Arcana.

  • Daniel36

    What the HECK is their deal? Seriously, they should keep doing this! In no time noone will even want to play Warhammer anymore!

    I mean, they don’t sell the model, they have no rules for the model, all they have is the fact that it USED to be part of their range of miniatures.

    Seriously… What next? “Hey! Your Skeleton model looks far too similar to ours! It has bones, a skull for a face and a sword! I demand you stop selling it immediately!” Yes, the model did look a lot like the Chaos Dwarf model. But there is a difference between blatantly copying work that others are selling and “hommages”, which this most definitely is. So unless FW was planning on selling a Lamassu in the near future…

    I hope GW attorneys also take the time to read what people think of this!

    • Zac

      I hope GW attorneys also take the time to read what people think of this

      I suspect that they don’t care

      • They have an established consumer base, that no matter WHAT they do, will not stop buying.

  • cybogoblin

    Aw man, this really is getting beyond a joke. I hope a small gaming company comes out with a range of biker gang space dwarves, just to see GW flip their lid because they look a bit like Squats – the same race they wrote off a decade (or more) ago and refused to do anything with since.

    Sure, they might be coming out with their own Forge World version in the near future, but this should be a reason for them to make something better than what Raging Heroes is already offering. Now that they’ve removed the competition, they can release any old drek they like and people will buy it because it’s the only option.

  • Repeter

    I can’t understand why anyone buys anything from that company anymore. Aside from Devlan Mud (which is really just a convenience), is anything they carry so great that we should support their industry smothering ways?

    They have definately chased me away with their lawyering. TT gaming is such a small community, I won’t abide any company, big or small, behaving the way GW does. Shame on any gamer that does, IMO.

    Surely, GW could work with smaller companies to insure everyone gets a little pie? I know this isn’t the normal way of the capitalistic world, but it would be nice to see. For now, GW will remain the villain and for that, they can kiss my…well, you get the idea.

  • More GW shenanigans.

    What exactly is infringing? Must be the skulls in the beard, as we all know if you have skulls in your sculpt your obviously infringing.

    I would argue that this is less infringing IMO than the Mantic Orc range. Will they go after Mantic? Not…. why, because they (Mantic) have deeper pockets. Neither Mantic or this figure are infringing IMO, it’s simply GW using the legal system as a cheap way to shut out completion. A UK court would not even hear such nonsense, only in the US where justice is available to those with the deepest pockets could this happen.

    Sad, just sad.

  • sprue

    This is beyond belief.

    If anyone out there has a spare head from that kit or can give me EXACT measurements and pictures of the head next to other models for reference I will sculpt a new head and send it to raging heroes which they can use freely.

    [email protected]

  • Shinobi

    I saw some reasoning behind the Chapterhouse event, and I can understand their actions to limit online selling from places like Maelstrom (they really hurt brick and mortar shops)…….but this is ludicrous. GW are pretty much guilty of the same thing. Their Tyranid range draws from the Giger ‘Alien’ concept to a large extent……….

    I will be interested to see how Mantic release their ‘Shedu’ model for their Abyssal Dwarf range after this.

    Looks like I shall be boycotting GW products……..