Raging Heroes previews next freebie stretch goal on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jul 4th, 2013

Raging Heroes shows off the next freebie stretch goal in their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter.
It seems the Kurganovas are from Athens, GA.

From the campaign:

The Freebies are back!
You may recall that Freebies will be included for free in all pledges LIEUTENANT BOX and above.

So here’s Charlie, awaiting your pleasure…

Come out and play!

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  • Smokestack

    Note: You’ll have noticed that there are still a few minis that have not yet been unlocked yet. This will be happening over the next 24 hours.

    $530,000 Freebie: Charlie

    $535,000 Free upgrade

    $540,000 Freebie: Freedom Fighter Iron Empire

    $545,000 Free upgrade

    $555,000 Uber-stretchgoal: Jet Girls – unit of 5

    $560,000 Free upgrade

    $565,000 Freebie: Jailbird Spotter

    $570,000 Free upgrade

    $580,000 Uber-stretchgoal: Kurganovas Trike

    $585,000 Free upgrade

    $590,000 Freebie: Cyberzombie

    $595,000 Free upgrade

    $605,000 Uber-stretchgoal: Jailbird’s Trike

    $610,000 Free Upgrade

    $615,000 Freebie: Kurganova nurse

    $620,000 Free Upgrade

    $630,000 Uber-stretchgoal: Iron Empire Trike

    $635,000 Free Upgrade

    $640,000 Freebie: 1 new Lulu

    $645,000 Free Upgrade

    $665,000 Uber-stretchgoal: 3 Kurganova Werewolves

    $670,000 Free Upgrade

    $675,000 Freebie: Kurganova Radio Technician

    $680,000 Free Upgrade

    $700,000 Unit of Cyberzombies

    $705,000 Free Upgrade

    $710,000 Freebie: Iron Empire Officer

    $715,000 Free Upgrade

    $720,000 Freebie Hacker Upgrade

    PS/ The Free Upgrades are listed as place holders, as we have are still compiling the final list. This means that all Free upgrades will be unlocked before getting to the end of the road map.

    PPS/ Also, Freebies will become purchasable as add-ons. More on this in an upcoming update.

  • Smokestack

    I want the werewolves!!! Also check out the new much!!! Come on!