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Raging Heroes posts more Toughest Girls of the Galaxy previews

Raging Heroes gives us another look at how things are coming along post-Kickstarter for their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy line.


From the update:

Here are a few pictures of the new 3D prints we received just before Christmas, some of which are incomplete. Our 3D printer was closed for 2 weeks during the Holiday season (as were indeed all of our suppliers) and he did not have time to finish every single part of every miniature we sent him, which is why, on the images, below, you can see, for example, an incomplete Natasha. However, he tells us that the missing parts are on their way. It's off to the foundry right as soon as we receive those missing parts, which means that our first batch of Heroines should be ready for shipping in late January or, (better safe than sorry), early February.