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Raging Heroes opens pre-orders for the SF Blood Vestals

Raging Heroes listened to your suggestions and so these should be exactly the models you're hoping they are. Well, now you can pre-order them. Be the first gamer on your block with these figures.
Note: while the photo below is work-safe, not all the ones in the link are.

From the announcement:

The SF Blood Vestals are now up for pre-order!
Don't miss the Special Launch Offer for the first 100 boxes!

After carefully re-reading the results of the survey and all your detailed answers, we came up with the following packaging for the SciFi Blood Vestals: two boxes, a bit like we did for the Fantasy Blood Vestals.
• 1 Troop box of 5 warriors with regular equipment and extra bits
• 1 Command box with the unit Leader plus 4 warriors, as well as the necessary equipment to create specialized warriors.

In each box, there are additional weapons so that with the Command and the Troop boxes together, you can make the following combinations:
• A unit of 9 regular warriors + 1 leader
• A unit of 8 regular warriors + 1 weapon specialists + 1 leader
• A unit of 7 regular warriors + 2 weapon specialists + 1 leader
• A unit of 6 regular warriors + 3 weapon specialists + 1 leader