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Raging Heroes Manticore/Lamassu update

Raging Heroes have posted an update on the status of their Manticore/Lamassu miniature. From their website:
Well there it is, the production moulds are all done. The first casts made from these moulds show that they work well and output very good pieces. But as we mentioned earlier, we are using a rather innovative technology for the production of this miniature, which has the effect of producing very large moulds. So, there are still some minor adjustments required to eliminate flash lines of on some parts. To fix this, our caster needs to use another clamping system for the two parts of the mould and a more powerful pump. Ordering these new parts has further delayed for a few days the Manticore production. To help you wait, we had promised you a podcast in which our caster explains his work on this project. We have turned this into a webcast by adding to his interview many visuals that show every stage of the Manticore / Lamassu project. Hope you enjoy it.