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Raging Heroes makes left-handed Skaryaa

Raging Heroes planned to make a right-handed Skaryaa. Unfortunately "flip image" is sometimes a little detail that gets skipped. So the printers made left-handed versions. That's alright, though.

From the announcement:

Something strange and, let's face it, quite embarrassing, happened…
As we had told you when we were getting your feedback about the Skaryaa Work-in-Progress, the plan was to flip her sculpt to make her right-handed before finalising her. Well, at the last minute, someone here just forgot to do that flip before sending the 3D file to the 3D printer…

And so, we received a beautifully printed, exquisitely detailed, but left-handed, Skaryaa!

Of course, we've corrected the file, made Skaryaa right-handed as promised, and sent her back to the printer, but this created some additional delays. So the estimated availability of Skaryaa is now around the 25th of September :-(

We are really sorry about this, even more so because the mistake was completely ours…

However, we now have a master of an inverted Skaryaa and maybe we'll use it to make a limited edition release in a few months, perhaps in resin… What do you think?