Raging Heroes launches Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 4th, 2013

Raging Heroes finally got their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter underway. They funded in about 30sec. They hit $100k in about an hour (they originally wanted $12k). So it’s lots of stretch goals for the next 32 days.

From the campaign:


In the last few years, we have been slowly and carefully developing our range, our workflow, a distinctive style and also a positive work philosophy toward our partners and customers. While laying this ground work, we were getting ready for the next step:

By supporting this project, you are helping Raging Heroes to create not just a few collectible characters here and there, but rather, three full blown Armies, with all kind of troops, heroines and support. This also lays the foundations for an upcoming, very unique game system and its lively background, and perhaps more…

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  • Veritas

    Holy crap! Never underestimate gaming nerds lust for busty girls in armor! Quarter million in under a day!

    • cybogoblin

      There are also probably a good number of people out there who want a female IG army.

    • Gallahad

      I don’t get the appeal of an all female army. To me it smells a bit of desperation. The sculpts do look nice, and some of them are even dressed/sculpted in a non exploitative way, so to each their own.

  • Marauder

    I have to say the sculpts live up to the concept art and then some. I had read elsewhere about people’s impatience with Raging Heroes because all they seemed to show was concept art and no real models. They probably aren’t complaining now!


  • Nosaj Verush

    Why is it wrong to like minis of attractive women? If I have to spend 8 hours staring at/painting a model, I would rather it be an attractive woman than a dude. I am sure I am not alone here.

    • grimbergen

      Good way of putting it!

  • Nosaj Verush

    Would you criticize a famous male artist who was attracted to women and hence painted mostly or exclusively portraits of women? If so, you would be criticizing many of the greatest masters. I think the air is becoming too thin up there on your high horse.

    • Gallahad


      To compare the nudes by great masters to these miniatures sculpts (or others of their ilk) is silly. I’ll give you a hint why: one of them is meant to titillate.

      I am a throwback to a previous age. I believe the normalization of pornography in all of its shades will have serious consequences both on individuals and on society. “I’m just appreciating their beauty” is one of the oldest excuses in the books to look at women as objects.

      If you are OK with the whole half dressed women in suggestive poses thing, paint/buy what you like, but call a spade a spade, don’t try to justify your habits using tired old excuses. As I said above, to each their own.

      I don’t know about the air getting thin up here on my high horse, but it does get awfully lonely sometimes.

  • 😀 I was expecting a proper debate/flame war!!! This is nothing. Just Jason basically saying that if someone FAMOUS does something it’s fine which is a hilarious concept 😀

    @ Veritas: Muahaha… Honestly I really enjoy some good pin-up art. I can highly recommend my friend Conny Valentina who does some awesome pin-up paintings and has had some of her stuff made into large scale figures (if memory serves me right). My only beef with female minis is when it’s miss directed and done as a half measure that’s supposed to cater to a wider audience. I enjoy a good realistic sculpt as much as I enjoy a cheeky one with attitude. What I don’t agree on is when they try to combine the two. Sexy is fine when it’s aimed for an adult audience, but it’s scary when it creeps into gaming figures aimed at a younger audience.

    @ Gallahad: I don’t get the appeal of an all female army either, but I also think it’s kind of kitsch and funny as a diorama depicting “last man on earth” being hunted by some brutal femmes…

  • Ghool

    I can appreciate these for what they are: nice looking miniatures.
    They’ve obviously filled a need here, otherwise they wouldn’t have funded in such a short time.

    I’m backing this without question.

  • Acidblade

    Worst run kickstarter I have (had) ever been a part of. This is how they ran it up to the time I left.

    Advertise for months on Facebook. Check
    Start Kickstarter. Check
    Watch money jump from 0 to 250k. Check
    DON’T Communicate with pledging community. Double Check.

    This was a joke. I understand it is 3 people right now, but they had plenty of time to plan this out with as much as they had been boasting about it on face book and their website. They should have been a ton better prepared for the masses to show. The start of the campaign the stretch goals were about 5k apart then after they hit 280k they are claiming only 14 item have been unlocked and not a single free miniature was in the lot. They did throw out the at 180k their were free bit add-ons for the miniature to customize them. Even at that their was only a very small hand full of bit give for free. Uprise grow in the chat room over the lack of communication from the creators and that the fact that only 14 item had been unlocked as of yet with a very successful kickstarter in less that one day. Little over a day after the project started the creators finally showed in the forum with empty apologists and blaming it on the advise from kickstarter them selves not to send out to many updates. Thus meaning that the stretch goals jumped from 5k separation to almost 18k separation and the current ones at almost 30k separation. And as is the tradition of kickstarter is to reward with free times along the way was stated “your close to the first free one”. Really. A planned 12k goal (Understanding it was set low to ensure it was meet) and almost 270k no freebie has been reached yet. These 3 people are out of their depth and those that join or stay in I would foresee them ending with delivery issues in the end. I for one will be saving my self the money and the future headache this project will leave.

    • Ghool

      And this is why you pledge $1 to get updates, and wait a while.
      I don’t think it’s that bad, and to be honest, I really don’t think they expected to make $250k in a single day.

      The overwhelmingly successful Kickstarters all start out like this, and they were probably shocked and amazed at the reception.

      It’s not very often that projects get funded in 30 seconds. Cut them some slack. It’s the first three days, and they’re probably just taken aback from the super success.

      At the beginning of the Robotech KS, it was the same thing; no real stretch goals. But in the end, it ended up being a smashing deal.

      Wait. Watch. And see what happens.