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Raging Heroes launches Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter

Raging Heroes finally got their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter underway. They funded in about 30sec. They hit $100k in about an hour (they originally wanted $12k). So it's lots of stretch goals for the next 32 days.

From the campaign:


In the last few years, we have been slowly and carefully developing our range, our workflow, a distinctive style and also a positive work philosophy toward our partners and customers. While laying this ground work, we were getting ready for the next step:

By supporting this project, you are helping Raging Heroes to create not just a few collectible characters here and there, but rather, three full blown Armies, with all kind of troops, heroines and support. This also lays the foundations for an upcoming, very unique game system and its lively background, and perhaps more...