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Raging Heroes launches their 3 von Königsmark sisters with a very special Deal

Raging Heroes has a new deal going for their Konigsmark sisters, available over in their webstore.

From the announcement:

As promised, the three von Königsmark sisters and their dog Walter are now available for pre-order, with a special low price for the first 100 orders!

Brunhilde comes with 2 weapon options: shield and great sword.
Hildegard has 2 weapon options: blunderbuss and sniper rifle.
Gretchen comes with 2 left arm options: rapier and pistol.

You can purchase each separately, or get your hands on the von Königsmark Limited Edition Box which contains the 3 von Königsmark sisters, as well as these 3 exclusive bonuses:
• Walter, their Renaissance dog,
• a crossbow for Gretchen,
• a war hammmer for Brunhilde.

Walter, Gretchen's crossbow and Brunhilde's war hammer are ONLY available as part of the von Königsmark Limited Edition Box.

The Limited Edition Box has been designed to be a hot deal, since it's almost 3 Euros less expensive than buying the 3 minis separately, and you've got Walter and 2 additional weapon options as well! But don't miss out: there are only 1000 boxes, and then they're gone...

Note: If you've already have an order awaiting shipment with us (mostly pre-orders for the Kurganovas) and would like us to combine your orders to save on shipping, we can do that!
Just make your purchase, then drop us an email and will combine your orders and refund you the extra shipping paid.

And so one question remains for you to help us with: If Walter could talk, what stories would he tell?