Raging Heroes Kickstarter less than a day away

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 3rd, 2013

Raging Heroes, after what seems like an eternity of build-up, will be launching their Kickstarter project tomorrow.

From the update:

Raging Heroes will launch on Tuesday June 4, at 16h00 in London, England (that would be GMT+1 rather than GMT, because of daylight saving time)
This means…
US West Coast: 08h00 / US East Coast: 11h00 / UK, Ireland: 16h00 / France, Germany, Poland, …: 17h00 / Ukraine, …: 18h00 / Moscow, …: 19h00 / Malaysia, Singapore, Perth, …: 23h00 / Japan: 0h00 (June 5th) / Melbourne, Sydney: 01h00 (June 5th) / New Zealand: 03h00 (June 5th)

Why do we have a countdown?
Because of the Early Bids specials….

But what is it?
The Toughest Girl of the Galaxy Kickstarter will give you access to three full all-female armies for your SciFi games, with over 150 new sculpts.

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  • Dan Paddock

    Yay! More ugly, unnaturally posed minis from the company that can’t even create a legible logo!

    • 4tonmantis

      I honestly tried to see it this way but I just can’t get to where you’re at on this. They sculpted these figures presumably in 3d and then posed them in extremely exaggerated poses in some cases.. You’re implying that these are as bad as stuff from Hi-Tech or Armorcast or some of the other companies out there when they’re really closer to the high-end of style and quality. If you want, I will buy some of these, cut them up, greenstuff them back together in a GW-style flat pose and sell it to you as a conversion for 2x markup.

  • Nosaj Verush

    The concepts are great but I really need to see some WIPS. If they match the pics, I’m in!

    • grimbergen

      I don’t doubt they will…their completed work look amazing.

  • Nicolay

    @ Dan … what are you on about, man? For pin-ups and even normal gaming models the concepts and poses are very, very nice. There is some really fun stuff in there, once you care to actually look at them with a positive view.

    And their logo is an ambigram … they are by nature a little difficult to read, although even blind people will by now recognise it as being the Raging Heroes logo. The skill that went into this one – quite frankly amazing.

    Nah mate, your post was just pure hate.

    • Dan Paddock

      I still think their logo is crap but after seeing the KS concepts, my hate is subsiding.

      My massive dislike of the Kurganovas, really soured me on their models.

  • surprize

    Seriously, their logo is plain as day and Roger’s Heroes make cool models as well.