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Raging Heroes Kickstarter less than a day away

Raging Heroes, after what seems like an eternity of build-up, will be launching their Kickstarter project tomorrow.

From the update:

Raging Heroes will launch on Tuesday June 4, at 16h00 in London, England (that would be GMT+1 rather than GMT, because of daylight saving time)
This means...
US West Coast: 08h00 / US East Coast: 11h00 / UK, Ireland: 16h00 / France, Germany, Poland, ...: 17h00 / Ukraine, ...: 18h00 / Moscow, ...: 19h00 / Malaysia, Singapore, Perth, ...: 23h00 / Japan: 0h00 (June 5th) / Melbourne, Sydney: 01h00 (June 5th) / New Zealand: 03h00 (June 5th)

Why do we have a countdown?
Because of the Early Bids specials....

But what is it?
The Toughest Girl of the Galaxy Kickstarter will give you access to three full all-female armies for your SciFi games, with over 150 new sculpts.